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BOX 74

H23855/004 – "Mr Parson The Tuck Shop showing clock" – 1953

74 - © Edward Reeves Photography
74 - © Edward Reeves Photography

The Chamber of Commerce “appealed to all the trades people of Lewes to co-operate in the decoration of their premises for the Coronation… Let us make our lovely old town still lovelier as a worthy tribute to a lovely and gracious lady.” (Sussex Express 8 May 1953)

Edwards and Todd


How long have you been in business here and why Lewes?
10 months. It’s a great location and we’re glad to add ourselves to the number of thriving independent shops.

What's been your favourite single moment/interaction while trading during lockdown or after having re-opened?
As relative newcomers to Lewes we enjoy the opportunity to meet and talk with local people and learn more about the town.

If you had the chance, which past Lewes High Street shop would you most like to re-introduce and why?
An old-style hardware store would be very welcome.

Of all the events and meetings that happen on the High Street which are you most looking forward to experiencing again when social restrictions are eased?
Christmas shopping evening.

Gary and Jonathan at Edwards and Todd