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BOX 72

H02263 – "Newington’s Van & Horses" – 1899

72 - © Edward Reeves Photography

G. Newington & Co. were lime burners, coal and manure merchants, and insurance agents. In 1872 George Newington was the owner of the Tagus, a 201 ton sailing vessel, which brought coal to Newhaven from the North East of England.

In 1900 there were fifteen coal and coke merchants in Lewes. After the Clean Air Act of the 1950s, use of coal rapidly declined. 

The Guild of Master Craftsmen


How long have you been in business here and why Lewes?
The company has been based in Lewes for over 40 years. Our Managing Director has always lived in Sussex and what better place to base your company!

Have you found that there's anything that people have asked for more now after lockdown has been lifted?
Demand for our craft books seems to be on the increase as well as books covering outdoor activities for adults and children.

What's been your favourite single moment/interaction while trading during lockdown or after having re-opened?
My favourite single aspect of life during lockdown was being able to park for free outside the office!

If you had the chance, which past Lewes High Street shop would you most like to re-introduce and why?
There are quite a few contenders but probably Bunces the hardware shop, if you want anything useful it now means a trip to Homebase…

Of all the events and meetings that happen on the High Street which are you most looking forward to experiencing again when social restrictions are eased?
Lewes fireworks and Patina, one of children missed out on the Patina parade this year which was such a shame for all the year 6 children.

Jonathan at The Guild of Master Craftsmen