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BOX 70

H2072 – "Dusart’s Shop Front" – 1899

70 - © Edward Reeves Photography
Until the early 1900s pale skin was associated with wealth because it meant that one could afford to stay indoors all day rather than labouring outside in the sun. Fashionable women used a variety of products to keep their skin as pale as possible, many of which contained poisons such as lead and arsenic. It was Coco Chanel who made the suntan a fashion statement in the 1920s.


How long have you been in business here and why Lewes?
34 years - started at the Old Needlemakers in 1986.

Have you found that there's anything that people have asked for more now after lockdown has been lifted?
No, probably because we sell childrens clothes, but maybe rainsuits and wellies!

What's been your favourite single moment/interaction while trading during lockdown or after having re-opened?
When customers say they love the shop, I have had 3 this week.

If you had the chance, which past Lewes High Street shop would you most like to re-introduce and why?
The shoe shop that was in the bottleneck, I can't remember the name of it. They sold lovely italian shoes!

Of all the events and meetings that happen on the High Street which are you most looking forward to experiencing again when social restrictions are eased?
Late Night Shopping.

Sue at Brats