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BOX 62

W5363 – "Electricity Board Premises" – 1950

62 - © Edward Reeves Photography
62 - © Edward Reeves Photography

The UK electrical power industry was nationalised by the Electricity Act of 1947. The Ringmer & District Electricity Company merged with many others to form the South Eastern Electricity Board (SEEBOARD).
The vacuum cleaner was invented in 1860. It was a luxury item unaffordable by the middle classes until after WWII when it was also demonstrated by door-to-door salesmen. 



How long have you been in business here and why Lewes?
Balm has been in business for the past 3 years. Balm was formally known as the Still room.

Have you found that there's anything that people have asked for more now after lockdown has been lifted?
We have done such a variety of treatments since lockdown has been lifted, from pedicures to facials!

What's been your favourite single moment/interaction while trading during lockdown or after having re-opened?
I don’t have a single favourite moment whilst trading after lockdown. I have enjoyed every moment. I love seeing and hearing how much better a treatment has made the client look and feel.

If you had the chance, which past Lewes High Street shop would you most like to re-introduce and why?
I would like to re-visit Clothkits who were at 24 High Street. I remember going in with mum and choosing some lovely designs for her to make for me.

Of all the events and meetings that happen on the High Street which are you most looking forward to experiencing again when social restrictions are eased?
I will miss not having Bonfire night to look forward to this year. The whole family get together and celebrate and the children love seeing all the different costumes.

Paula at Balm