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BOX 27

 W3150a – "Mr Jesse, Interior Women’s Institute, Lewes" – 1925

27 - © Edward Reeves Photography
27 - © Edward Reeves Photography

In 1919 probably the first WI Market was set up in Lewes as an attempt to increase the food supply by inducing villagers to produce more food in their gardens and allotments. In 1995 markets separated from National Federation WI and became 'WI Country Markets Ltd'. In 2004 the use of the WI initials was discontinued.

The Patch


How long have you been in business here and why Lewes?
Almost 3 years, because its a lovely town and nice to be part of the community.

Have you found that there's anything that people have asked for more now after lockdown has been lifted?
Take away beer.

What's been your favourite single moment/interaction while trading during lockdown or after having re-opened?
Not sure I could say there was one single one but how much support our customers have given us coming back and saying that they missed us.

If you had the chance, which past Lewes High Street shop would you most like to re-introduce and why?
An off licence.

Of all the events and meetings that happen on the High Street which are you most looking forward to experiencing again when social restrictions are eased?
Bonfire night.

Patrick at The Patch