Lewes Remembers

Lewes War Memorial
12th November 2017

Lewes Remembers 1914-1918 was a unique vigil commemorating Lewes soldiers who lost their lives during the First World War. It was the final act in 2017 for ‘Stories Seen Through A Glass Plate’ – in which light box images relating to the 1914-1918 period were exhibited throughout the town in relevant locations. The project linked The Edward Reeves Archive with the Sussex County Archive and actively engaged hundreds of young men. The experience of the ritual intensified the awareness of what it would have meant for a small community to lose so many of its young men. The event had a profound effect on both participants and onlookers alike.

The Lewes War Memorial records 236 names of Lewes residents who died in World War 1. There were approximately 350 local casualties, many of whose names are commemorated elsewhere in the town. At dusk on 12th November 2017, 235 men and one woman of the age of those who died walked with a flaming torch from the home addresses of the fallen soldiers to the War Memorial, where their torches were extinguished. Where more than one person in a family died the men doused their torches together.

The Lewes Remembers vigil on 12th November 2017 was created by nearly 500 Lewes volunteers with the support of the seven Lewes Bonfire Societies and the staff at Lewes Town Hall. Without their commitment and logistical work behind the scenes none of this could have happened. All services were provided free of charge and a small grant from Friends of Lewes paid for the information leaflets and the badges of the participants.

For logistical reasons, the vigil could not be advertised, so a short film was made by four professional filmmakers resident in Lewes in order to share the event with the community. It was directed by Tony Dowmunt and Mick Hawksworth. The ‘Lewes Remembers’ film is a Lewes Community Screen Production in collaboration with the London College of Communication, UAL and the Edward Reeves Archive Project, who initiated the Remembrance Day event. A short trailer can be seen here.

Lewes Remembers Exhibition II

Depot Lewes
5 February - 11 February 2018

Material from the Edward Reeves Archive and work by Tom Reeves documenting vigil Remembrance Sunday 2017 as well as copies of the 236 original applications filled in by Lewes families who applied to have their loved ones included on the War Memorial.

In conjunction with
5 February 2018

‘Lewes Remembers’ a short film of the event, premiered at The Depot Cinema with a showing to the participants. Following this it was shown in the exhibition.

Lewes Remembers Exhibition I

Baxter Corridor, Lewes Town Hall, Lewes
13 November -24 November 2017

An exhibition of photographs from the Edward Reeves archive and original material relating to Lewes War Memorial.

1914-1918: Lewes Remembers

An Exhibition of 80 lightboxes in 65 windows throughout Lewes.
19th August - 24th September 2017

Another chance to see this nationally acclaimed exhibition, now enhanced with additional images and audio/visual online trail

This exhibition draws on images in the Edward Reeves Archive that cover the WW1 period. These include individual and group portraits of soldiers and their families, as well as civilian life during the war and photographs of the thousands of men billeted in the town.

The Online Tour

As you follow the lightbox trail you can now listen to period letters, stories and newspaper reports presented in fascinating audio clips. There are also many added images from the Edward Reeves archive.

A key to the trail

Lewes Tourist Information
1st - 15th September 2017

A window display in the Tourist Information Centre where a map of the trail is available free of charge. For information call 01273 483448


Edward Reeves Photography Studio & Gallery
19th & 20th August
25th - 28th August
1st & 2nd September
11am - 4pm

An engaging collection of modern and historic images, photomontages and colourisations by Isaac Reeves and Tom Reeves. Additional images from the Edward Reeves Archive.


1916: Lewes Remembers

Lightbox exhibition in windows of shops and houses throughout Lewes.
29th October - 20th November 2016

Images of life on the home front during the First World War, timed to coincide with the centenary of 'The Year That Sussex Died' the year that the county experienced its heaviest losses.

Into the Light - 1914-1918

Edward Reeves Studio
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, 29 October - 18 November 11am-4pm
(except 5 November till 3pm)

An exhibition in the Edward Reeves Studio Gallery of studio portraits and town views taken by Benjamin Reeves during WW1.

The Story behind the Poppy

Lewes Town Hall
Monday - Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4pm, Saturday 1pm-4pm
Closed Sundays but open on Activity Day, 30 October from 1pm-4pm
(closed Sat 5 Nov)

An exhibition in Lewes Town Hall showing sets of historic and contemporary portraits from Stories Behind the Poppy, the images of the 2015 national campaign of the Royal British Legion. The exhibited portraits were taken by Tom Reeves and by his grandfather Benjamin. Tom Reeves has photographed contemporary veterans, in the same studio, in the same pose, with the same camera his grandfather used in WW1. These recent portraits are shown alongside his grandfather's.

A key to the trail

Lewes Tourist Information
29th October - 20th November

A window display in the Tourist Information Centre where a map of the trail is available free of charge. For bookings and information: 01273-483448


National Media Museum, Bradford
2nd - 29th November 2015

Tom Reeves was commissioned by the Royal British Legion to make portraits of six modern Armed Force veterans and serving personnel. The photographs were taken in the same studio, and the same pose as pictures taken by his grandfather Benjamin Reeves 100 years ago during the first world war. Tom captured these poignant images using the exact same camera, technique, furniture and hand-painted background as the original process. It was the first time the camera had been used in 65 years.

An exhibition of 80 lightboxes in the windows of 56 locations up and down Lewes High Street.

Lewes High Street
4th October - 2nd November 2014
Repeated by popular demand 22nd August - 13th September 2015

Stories Seen Thorough A Glass Plate was first exhibited during the Brighton Biennial in October 2014. Due to popular demand we were asked to bring SSTGP back in 2015, in celebration of Artwave and Lewes Heritage week. It showed work by the first three generations of Reeves photographers, as light boxes in 56 shop windows. The pictures were presented on the location where they were originally taken many years ago. These light boxes have been built to be re-used and this was the first in a series of exhibitions about different aspects of life in Lewes and the surrounding countryside. Please see 'SSTGP Interactive Map' for a street tour before and after shots of this exhibition.

This exhibition was curated by Brigitte Lardinois, Senior Research Fellow at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London with Matt Haycocks, University of Ulster, assisted by Yaz Norris, photographer.


Edward Reeves Photography Studio & Gallery
22nd August - 5th September 2015

Peter Messer - Tempura paintings
Messer is an established artist, resident of Lewes. Here he showed a small group of his paintings in egg tempera, inspired by the Edward Reeves Archive.

Isaac Reeves - Photographs and pen on paper
Isaac is the fifth generation Reeves and an emerging young artist in his own right. Isaac drew the map of the trail printed here. This is his first exhibition, showing more maps of Lewes and a selection of his drawings.


Silverprint Gallery, London
8th May - 15th June 2015

Capturing Light was originally exhibited in Lewes Barbican Castle Museum in conjunction with the first Stories Seen Through a Glass Plate exhibition, as part of the Brighton Photo Biennial 2014. Melanie King, co-curator and artist, created a sequel to this, introducing newly developed work by the artists as they continue to experiment with early photograsphic processes. Old Daguerreotypes and glass plates were also on display.

Exhibiting Artists:
Rob Ball
Nettie Edwards
Melanie King
Constanza Isaza Martinez
Yaz Norris


Lewes Castle & Barbican Museum
4th October - 2nd November 2014

A selection of contemporary artists using early photographic processes. Among these were examples of the Daguerreotype, Cyanotype and the Camera Obscura, as well as various old cameras and glass plates on display for viewing.

Exhibiting Artists:
Nettie Edwards
Melanie King
Constanza Isaza Martinez
Yaz Norris
Alvaro Petritoli


Edward Reeves Studio Gallery
4th October - 2nd November 2014

The history of the oldest continuously run photographic studio in the world. An exhibition of the shop through the past 160 years from Edward Reeves I to his grandson, and current owner, Tom Reeves, as they developed with the photographic medium from glass plates to digital.