W2663d — Beck Faulkner Wedding, 1918

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Image 2: W2663a — Beck Faulkner Wedding, 1918


‘Wounded Stripes’ — Dr. Chris Kempshall, Project Officer for East Sussex County Council’s First World War Centenary Project


In December 1918, Ann Beck was married to William Faulkner. Ann had lived with her parents and 7 siblings in Ivy Cottage, Toronto Terrace. In 1911 she was a nurse in Worthing. William Faulkner was from a military family,and born in India. In 1911, he was a trumpeter in 28 company of the Army Service Corps.


“The soldier third from right in the back row of this photograph has wounded stripes on his sleeve. Wounded stripes were brought into existence in 1916 onwards and acted as a signifier to show that a man who was wearing them had been wounded. Each wounded stripe represented a single incident so men could have more than one wounded stripe on their left sleeve. They were often braided in gold. These wounded stripes acted partially as a badge of honour to show that his was a man who served and had been wounded for his country but also as an explanation for why he may not be at the front.”