T0190 — Abbott Car at Everys, 1915

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Image 2: T0194 — Abbott Car at Everys, 1915

Image 3:  W2423 — Mr Abbott standing at back of car, June 1916

Image 4: W2284C — Mr Abbott, Machinery, May 1914


‘Sussex Express 17 September 1914 — Entertaining the Troops’ — Richard Attlee, Actor.

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The Abbott car was invented by John Abbott of the Motor Rail & Tram Car Co.. The first experimental vehicle was built at the Phoenix Ironworks in Lewes. The light diesel locomotives were required by the army to supply the frontlines, but could not be manufactured in Lewes because many of the staff were reservists and had been called up so production was moved to Bedford.


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“Entertaining the Troops


Everything possible is being done locally to entertain the troops, but, of course, it is no easy matter to cater for thousands. Concerts are held each night at the Westgate Unitarian Church Room, and soldiers are assisting with the programmes. On Monday and Tuesday evenings lantern entertainments were given at the Tabernacle Church (the School Hall being occupied by the troops), and there were large and appreciative audiences. Slides were lent for the occasion by Messrs. C A. Morrish and J. A. Sharpe. And Messrs. E. L. Tappin and J. Martin officiated as lanternists. The Brotherhood Orchestra played selections, and songs were rendered by Miss N. Middleditch and Miss K. Larwill, etc. On Wednesday evening there was a lantern entertainment and musical programme at the Eastgate Baptist Church, a Welsh male voice choir taking part. “