H07265 — Stewart Jones Group of 4, 1914

Box 58


Image 2: H08848 — Stewart Jones group of children standing, 1916


‘Lewes Men — Catastrophic loss of life’ — Dr. Graham Mayhew, Historian

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Elizabeth, Richard, Diona and Edward were left fatherless when Captain Stewart-Jones was killed in 1915.  They lived at Southover Grange. His wife was pregnant with their fifth child at the time of his death. She and Stewart Jones’ mother became responsible for the Roll of Honour tablet in Southover Church.


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“In the second week of May 1915, news began to filter through to Lewes of the disastrous loss of life at Richebourg l’Avoué on 9th May, when the 2nd and 5th Battalions of the Royal Sussex Regiment led the attack on German trenches in the Battle of Aubers Ridge, with the Lewes Company, apparently leading. As news of Lewes casualties trickled in, it soon became apparent that this was the worst military catastrophe ever to hit the town. Altogether 16 Lewes men were killed, including Captain Thorold Stewart-Jones, of Southover Grange. He fell leading his men in the advance. Twelve more of those who had paraded so proudly before the Mayor only a few weeks previously were also dead, including Corporal Alfred Thomas (Tubby) Langridge, one of four brothers, all active members of Lewes Operatic Society. At least as many Lewes men again, were wounded. It was the greatest wartime loss of life in a single day which Lewes ever suffered. The full horror of that day was revealed in letters written home by survivors.”