H07185 — Nunnery Stables Group, October 1914

Box 54


‘The East Sussex News, 2 October 1914 — A Recruit’s Opinion of Lewes’ — Richard Attlee, Actor.

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Nunnery Stables was part of the flourishing horse racing industry in the town. In 1917, a census of all horses in Britain identified those that fitted the army criteria and could be requisitioned. Horses were used by cavalry regiments, such as The Royal Sussex, moved guns and supplies to the front and pulled ambulances. 484,000 horses were lost in the course of the war.


“The East Sussex News, 2nd October 1914


A Recruit’s Opinion of Lewes


Twenty of us were put together in a gentleman’s racing stables. Each of us had a bed. The blankets were good and clean and we slept between sheets waking at 8 o’clock for breakfast. A grand slap up feed of big sausages, a finned haddock, and as much jam and bread as we could eat.


Breakfast over, a man came in and gave us a parcel of plug (1lb), 1lb tin of mixture, and a box of “tabs’. All the houses here belong to gentlemen and we are all made to feel at home.”