H07552b — Cyclists outside St Michaels, 1915

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Image 2: W07552a — Cyclists outside St Michaels, 1915 — detail


Inquest report Sussex Express 16th April 1915 — Dr. Graham Mayhew, Historian

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Each member of the Cyclists’ Battalion was equipped with a sturdy iron bicycle with a lamp and bell. A toolkit hung from the crossbar, a kitbag on the back held a groundsheet, personal items and rations. The cyclists were used mainly for reconnaissance and carrying messages.


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“Sussex Express 16th April 1915


There was a verdict of accidental death at the inquest on Lance Corporal John Roderick Hards, 25th Cyclist Battalion of the County on London Regiment, who was found lying on the Brighton Road near Lewes Prison on Monday. Deceased who was 36 years of age was carrying despatches from Pevensy to Lancing, when at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, he appears to have skidded. At all events he was found lying in the road way and had sustained such injuries that he died shortly after admission to the Second Eastern General Hospital at Brighton, where he was conveyed in a motor ambulance. Death was due to a fracture of the base of the skull and lacerations of the brain. The deceased had also fractured his collar bone and several ribs were broken. The fatality cast quite a gloom over the Regiment, Lance Corporal Hards being very popular with his comrades.”