W2506 — Forsyth Grant group of 2, 1917

Box 43


Image 2: D8861/011 — Edward Reeves Studio, 2017


‘Edward Reeves Studio during WW1’ — Richard Attlee, Actor & Tom Reeves 4th Generation Photographer at Edward Reeves Photography

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Lieutenant William Forsyth-Grant married Mary Montague of Carmarthen in 1917 during his 10-day leave from the Front. The bridegroom was part of the Army Remount Service, responsible for buying and training horses and mules for the Army. Its officers were mainly drawn from the landed gentry and Masters of the Foxhounds. The Lieutenant served in France, was awarded the British War and Victory medals and was promoted to Captain.


“Reeves Castle Studio, Lewes

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“Now our archive of old images shows that the First World War was an exceptionally busy period in the Studio and the range of subject matter reflects the social upheaval going on at the time. There are a large number of Studio Portraits of service people, soldiers, sailors, airmen, nurses in groups and as individuals and presumably they were taken to provide loved ones with mementoes when they were away. Conversely there are also lots of Portraits of wives, sweethearts, mothers and children to give the service men something to look at when they were away. There are very few pictures of complete families for the whole period. And away from the Studio, Grandfather also covered a lot of the war-related activity in the area, and the images were probably commissioned by those in charge. Like in World War 2, materials for non-essential personal photography was severely restricted and that also restricted the businesses overall output.”