H10215 — Frankfort Moore; Group of 5, 1917

Box 36


Image 2: Small book found at Castlegate House

Image 3: Small book found at Castlegate House


‘A Little Book’ — Robyn Adams of Castlegate House

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The five young girls are Mr Frank Frankfort Moore’s daughters: Dorothea Rosamund, Olive Beatrice, Frances Gundreda, Marjorie Garnet and Ursula Jessamy. The family lived at Castlegate House.


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“When the lightboxes were first put up there were two photographs placed in our house, one of which had a picture of little girls on it which I was very pleased about because I have got children of about the same age and it immediately felt like it was like a connection and it was a lovely thing to have. We had some house renovations being done at the same time and the builders came across within a wall cavity a tiny tiny little diary which they were delighted to come and show me. And it was a beautiful little book, just small enough to fit in your hand and inside it was beautiful handwriting and it turned out that it was almost like a toy that had been used for a game and it was actually written in code which with a bit of help we managed to decode now and it was a girl’s school game so the names of lots of girls within a school. Lots of very old beautiful names like Elsa and I think Elma and Hilda and Mary and Grace, Birdie, lovely, lovely old fashioned names that are actually coming back into fashion again. It felt to me very much like it could easily have been one of the girls that was in the photograph and that was a very sort of magical thing to have happened really. One of the pages has got the rules for the Girl’s school and it says “all lights must be put out at half past nine, if not the culprits must be punished.” It goes on to have quite a lot more rules and they are all extremely strict so it must be a reflection of their own experience at school which would have been quite interesting.”