H08895 — Mr White selling sheep at Sale, Sept. 7th 1916

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Image 2: H08896/001  — Mr. Mercer sheep taken at Sale — Sept. 7th 1916
Image 3: H08896/001  — Mr. Mercer sheep taken at Sale — Sept. 7th 1916 — detail


‘Piggeries & Allotments‘ – Sarah Jay, Project Administrator Reeves Archive

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People came from all over the country to the two-day Southdown sheep fair in Lewes. Run by J.R. Thornton, auctioneers, whose offices were at 66 High Street, the fair was held every September at the Old Fairground. Auctions started at 1pm.  Lunch was provided at noon with a ticket that cost one shilling and sixpence.


“As Germany’s U-boats wreaked ever greater havoc with allied shipping, so looming food shortages saw the Town Council involving itself in food production, with the establishment of a municipal piggery in February, initially with 36 pigs in a shed at Corporation Wharf, although there was an early setback when 9 pigs died through fighting. By July, however, the scheme was being judged a success and there were now 17 black pigs, a white sow and 20 white pigs in the paddock behind Mountfield House.


Another initiative, under the Cultivation of Lands Order (5 December 1916) was the formation of a Lewes Potato Growing Association and a Lewes Allotment Holders Association in January. By early July, the fruits of their labours, in the form of surplus produce, was offered for sale in weekly markets on Saturday evenings in the Corn Exchange, which had also been operating as a Communal Kitchen since the beginning of June. By August the Allotment Holders Association boasted 230 members and had acquired over 60 additional allotments on land acquired in the Paddock, by the Isolation Hospital, on King Henry’s Road and at the Recreation Ground. 102 dozen preserving bottles were bought, greatly increasing the opportunities for preserving the autumn fruit crop through the winter, and in December a further 5 acres were acquired from the Abergavenny estate for additional allotments at Landport.”