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W2260 — Buckler group on horses, with dog, 1914

‘A Forgotten Voice’ — Lysbeth Middleton

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Photographed at the rear of the White Hart Hotel with Station Street visible in the background


Forgotten Voices of the Great War by Max Arthur

Elizabeth Owen, English Schoolgirl


“Then we heard that the khaki men were coming to take away all the horses from the village. Everything in the village was done by horses. The station was about a mile or a mile and a half away and the train was met by a brake drawn by horses. The milk was delivered by horses and the butter used to be collected from the farms and brought in by the horses to the butter market. There was a farmer who had a lovely pair who we called the prancers. He thought he would try and hide these horses but the khaki men found them. They tied them all together on a long rope, I think there was about twenty — all horses we used to know and love and feed. Then they started trotting them out of the village and as they went out of sight we were all terribly sad.”


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