W2691d — Mr Pollard; 6 Views of town, 1918

Box 22


‘Sussex Express 17 September 1914 — Recruiting in Lewes’ — Richard Attlee, Actor.

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“Recruiting at Lewes — Still They Come


It was hardly to be expected that last week’s recruiting record would be maintained, but men are still coming forward, and from September 10th to 16th 84 have been enrolled. They are classified thus:— Cavalry 5, Royal Artillery 17, Infantry (chiefly the Royal Sussex Regiment) 58, and Special Reserve 4. The daily enrolments were:— Thursday 37, Friday 13, Saturday 10, Monday 17, Tuesday 4, and Wednesday 3. Since the standard has been raised recruiting has somewhat fallen off, and we understand the Cavalry and Royal Artillery are now up to full strength. Drivers are still wanted for the Engineers, and there are plenty of vacancies in the Royal Sussex Regiment.”