W2691a — Mr Pollard; 6 Views of town showing Stones Tea Rooms, 1918

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Image 2: W2960/D — Unveiling Lewes War Memorial, 1922

Image 3: Poster; Unveiling of War Memorial, 1922


‘Sussex Express 8 September 1922 — Lewes War Memorial Unveiling: General Sclater’s Tribute – Richard Attlee, Actor.

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“Sussex Express 8 September 1922 — Lewes War Memorial

Unveiling by General Sclater




General Sir Henry Sclater then unveiled the memorial and said:— I esteem it a great pleasure to be here to do honour to the brave men of this town who gave their lives to their country and who are here safe back amongst us. This old town of Lewes sent over 1500 men to the front and the long list of names on this memorial is eloquent of their bravery and their conduct. This striking memorial, with its beautiful emblems of Victory and Peace, has a profound significance for us all. To look on this memorial stirs one’s feelings to the depths and awakes emotions — contradictory emotions — in our hearts. It is a national, a local and a personal memorial. It signifies to us sorrow and gratitude and sympathy; and again it denotes victory, pride in our race, and peace.”