H10936 — Mrs Asa Thomas; Group of 2 children, boy with doll, 1918

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Image 2: H10939 — Mrs. Asa Thomas: Little girl on pony, 1918


The children are Pamela and Edward Asa Thomas. Their father, Harold Asa Thomas, was the secretary of, and subsequently the heir of, wealthy American collector Edward Perry Warren. Warren resided at Lewes House and commissioned ‘The Kiss’ from Auguste Rodin. Upon Warren’s death Harold acquired the house and the sculpture, which in 1953 was sold by Pamela to the Tate Gallery for £7,500.


Edward Perry Warren (1860-1928) was born into a wealthy papermaking family in Boston, Massachusetts, graduated from Harvard and then moved to an Oxford that was more tolerant of his homosexuality. He purchased Lewes House, “a monkish establishment where women were not welcomed” (Rothenstein, Men and Memories 1872-1900, London 1934). There he lived with his companion, John Marshall, as part of the Lewes Brotherhood. They called each other “Puppy,” dressed alike and even looked remarkably alike. He was a significant collector of art and antiquities, which he gave to the British Museum and to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.


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