W2612 — Mr Stephenson; Ruin of Granary (Bear Fire), 1918

Box 9


Image 2: W2612 — Mr. Stephenson; Ruin of Granary (Bear Fire) detail, 1918
Image 3: W2612 — Borough of Lewes — Report on the Outbreak of Fire at the Bear Hotel, Cliffe High Street, Lewes, 18th June 1918


The 1918 fire which gutted The Bear Hotel spread to Richard Stevenson’s Corn, Seed and Granary House in Railway Lane. The loss of a local supplier of flour and animal feed would have exacerbated the food shortages caused by the war.


Richard Stevenson’s Corn and Seed warehouse, on the west bank, was significantly damaged in the fire, as can be seen. The roof collapsed, and the building was just a shell. The fire brigade report assessed this building as totally destroyed, as was the stables building next to it. However both buildings were restored, leaving their external features unchanged.


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